Yellow Rose Barbershop

Due to the Covid-19 situation and our attempt at keeping the building occupancy low we are asking that clients do not bring guests with them including children. All clients must wear a face mask. Any clients who arrive early will be asked to wait outside.

Choose a service to schedule

Haircut - $35
Precision fade or scissor cut
Beard - $25
Beard shaping and neck clean up. Hot towel and straight razor finish.
Cut and Beard - $60
Buzz - $22
An "even-length-all-over" haircut using one size clipper guard, edge up and neck cleanup
Buzz and Beard - $47
Buzz haircut, neck clean up and beard shaping
Shave - $35
Straight razor face shave, hot towel treatment
Head Shave - $35
Straight razor head shave, includes hot towels and hot lather
Head Shave & Beard - $60
Head shave, neck clean up and beard shaping
Head Shave & Hot Towel Shave - $70
Head shave, hot towel straight razor face shave
Long Haircut - $65 (call for appointment)
Hair shoulder length or longer
Haircut and Face Shave - $70
Directions 320 Singleton Blvd, Suite #170, Dallas, TX, United States